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"Mr. Guzman is a fierce and dedicated advocate" – Reuben Camper Cahn, Executive Director of Federal Defenders of San Diego, Inc.

Mr. Guzman maintains a trial and appellate practice, primarily in the federal courts. He handles cases throughout the bay-area. Mr. Guzman began this office in 2010 after receiving extensive training and rich courtroom experience in Federal Court in San Diego. In 2010, the Federal Court in San Diego placed Mr. Guzman on their criminal justice act panel.

Since his first year of law school, Mr. Guzman has focused exclusively on criminal defense representation. He has worked on a vast array of cases, ranging from federal wiretaps, to mortgage fraud, to narcotics trafficking, to murder committed abroad. Mr. Guzman brings tremendous zeal energy to all of his clients. He promises each client dedication, commitment and top-flight legal representation.

Appellate Victories
Trial Victories
4th Amendment
United States v. Individual
December, 2016
Mr. Guzman handled this appeal in federal court where the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed that the trial judge had improperly instructed the trial jury in that case. [MORE]
California v. Individual
December, 2016
Mr. Guzman represented a client who was charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit murder with gang enhancements, and being a member of being a criminal street gang. The client was recorded on a wiretap, supposedly ordering the killing of a rival gang member. The client was found not guilty on all charges. [MORE]
California v. Individual
November, 2016
Mr. Guzman filed a motion to have a murder case dismissed due to prosecutorial misconduct, namely, failing to disclose exculpatory evidence. That motion was granted, and that defendant was released, and never had to face trial. [MORE]